If you would like a consultation for your dog's behaviour or emotional problems, this can be done by email and/or phone, or by arranging a personal visit (dependent on location).  Consultations by email/phone involve a reasonable exchange of questions, information and advice, with the aim of solving or improving the dog's behaviour or emotional problem and the dog-owner relationship. They are completely personalized and based on the specific problem(s) of each dog, its owner(s) and their personal circumstances. Every dog, owner and situation is unique, and what might be good advice for one might not be advisable (or even possible) for another.

In an effort to encourage and promote adoptions from rescue centres, consultations for adopted dogs - or those rescued from other dire circumstances - are charged at a reduced fee of 18 euros.

Whatever the situation, please feel welcome to contact me with any questions or for further information.

Phone: (+34) 679 550 490. Email: barrysdogstore@hotmail.com.

Or you may use the 'Contact' form on the menu bar.