02 Jun

As he grew older (I'm talking about a decade or so, not a few months) Mofli's kleptomanic behaviour did, however, appear to diminish, or improve, or whatever one would call it. Perhaps this was due to age-related failing eyesight or, more likely, to a lack of motivation and the fact that there was nothing new left to steal. Every conceivable human possession had been tried and tested...

This first came to my attention following a certain incident. Whenever I left home without him, I always left Mofli in his own room (this was after Alba's passing) with the door firmly closed; this, of course, was a protective measure for the rest of my home. It was totally acceptable to him, to the point where he would retire to his room at the first sign that I was going out. Well, one day I arrived home and opened the front door to be greeted by... Mr. Moff himself! He looked pleased to see me, but clearly bewildered, as if to say: 'I'm in the wrong place - how did Iget here when you weren't at home?'. I stared at him, aghast; then I looked gingerly around the room, ready to face the inevitable and assess the degree of destruction.

To my astonishment, there wasn't any - at least, none that I could detect in the short term... How Mofli had got out of his room remained a mystery, but I didn't care at that point - I just felt overwhelming relief that my home and possessions appeared to all be intact.

Although his new 'recovering addict' status was a welcome improvement, I knew better than to place temptation in his path or become complacent. Or so I thought...

The harsh reality struck when a new item appeared in the home - not new to me but, apparently, it was to Mofli. A new, unfamiliar, unexplored, never-before-stolen item, which had also happened to hold my attention (this always adds interest value) for several hours at a time. The ultimate temptation to a recovering kleptomaniac, as I later discovered to my cost...

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